Tarascon Empanadas

Tarascon [ta.ras.kõn] Big bite. Argentinian slang for taking a big bite of food that is too good to eat slowly

Due to COVID-19 we are closed until further notice.

Argentinian Empanadas

Argentinian Empanadas

Empanadas (literally meaning wrapped in bread) are savory pastry pockets, filled with a variety of delicious stuffings. As common as asado, pizza, pasta, or alfajores, empanadas are a mainstay in the Argentine diet.

Our Menu

We offer freshly made empanadas baked from scratch. All of them are little meals. You can choose just one kind or try them all! They are perfect as a quick but full lunch that you can bring to work. They are also a great choice for birthday parties, you can eat them on the go or enjoy them at our restaurant. You can also enjoy them on Sundays watching your favorite game along with your friends.
If you want to secure your order ahead of time, you can place an order online and we will have it ready to pick up within 30 minutes or at the time you set in your order.

About Us

Spokane has waited long enough to taste Argentinian empanadas. A family of four Argentinian-Americans are bringing this new flavor to town!

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  • Today is National Empanada day! We marked our calendar months ago to celebrate this day with our customers, but weren't expecting that we would be closed! Anyway, let's have a cyber party! Grab some of those empanadas you have in the freezer and celebrate with us! Stay safe everyone!

#empanadas #nationalempadaday #spokanefood
  • Medialunas. These “half-moon” pastries originated in Mar del Plata, Argentina, where we’re from! They may look like a typical croissant, but these are actually a completely different, sweeter pastry! Before and after baking, a sweet syrup of honey, sugar, and orange zest is brushed on top. You’re left with a crunchy caramelized outside and a soft moist inside. We love dipping them in our morning coffee! #notcroissants #medialunas #pastries #quarantinecookinglo
  • While we’re temporarily closed, we’re working on new items to bring to Tarascon, like these alfajores from our hometown of Mar del Plata, Argentina. Compared to the alfajores de maicena, these alfajores are mostly made of chocolate! Of course there’s our house-made dulce de leche inside, covered by two chocolate cookies, and then dipped in dark chocolate. #alfajores #alfajoresdechocolate #madefromscratch #dulcedeleche #foodie #taste #spokanedoesntsuck
  • Hey Spokane 👋. Today, March 18, is the last day we will be open for what we think will be several weeks . We will only have two flavors left today; Ham & Chz and Onion & Chz. We are also staying open until 6 pm, or when we run out of empanadas! So come get your fill! We’ll miss you!
  • Last chance to get empanadas!!! We remain open only today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday)for to-go orders 11am to 6 pm. To order to-go please go to our website order.tarasconempanadas.com and select a pickup time. We also do deliveries through Uber, Postmates, and Doordash. Freeze as many as you want and reheat them whenever you want empanadas!
  • Whose empanadas freeze and reheat easily? Ours do 😎 #Argentina #empanadas #spokanedoesntsuck #foodie #taste #freeze #reheat
  • Suuuper excited to share that Chef Laurent Zirotti, co-owner of Fleur de Sel out in Post Falls featured our #beefempanada in his wine dinner!!!😆😆😆 Thank you chef and team #empanadas #argentina #spokanedoesntsuck #taste #foodie #fleurdesel
  • Mushroom. New and improved recipe. Come try it out! #empanadas #argentina #mushroom #madefromscratch #spokanedoesntsuck #foodie #taste #foodphotography
  • After giving away hundreds of alfajores de maicena and receiving so much positive feedback, we’re finally selling them! Our Argentinian sandwiches are filled with house-made dulce de leche fit in between two lemon cookies, then rolled in sweet coconut flakes. They’re sold individually ($1.50) or in boxes of six($7.50). #tarascon #empanadas #alfajoresdemaicena #dulcedeleche #shreddedcoconut  #alfajores #argentina #foodie #taste #spokanedoesntsuck
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