Tarascon Empanadas

Tarascon [ta.ras.kõn] Big bite. Argentinian slang for taking a big bite of food that is too good to eat slowly

We closed due to COVID-19. But we are trying to open again!

Tarascon is coming back to Spokane in the near future.

When COVID started we said:

“We’re closed for good….but not forever.
On March 18th, 2020, we decided to temporally close Tarascon empanadas, due to Covid-19.”

We are currently working to find a new home. While we find the perfect place, we could appear at the local Feast World kitchen and maybe some local events too.

During the time we were closed we have been improving our skills. Ari Jr graduated from Spokane Culinary arts. Ana perfected the Argentinian medias lunas and other pastries. We developed more dishes (milanesas, churros, garrapiñadas, Dulce de leche granizado ice cream, alfajores, etc.).

We even visited Argentina once it was safe to travel in 2022 to reconnect with our Argentinian flavors! We will be making some posts in the near future with pictures and videos. For example, we have some videos of Ari Jr making garrapiñadas street food in Calle Corrientes, just a couple of blocks from the Obelisk (anyone that knows Buenos Aires will identify that location).

Coming back soon!

Argentinian Empanadas

Argentinian Empanadas

Empanadas (literally meaning wrapped in bread) are savory pastry pockets, filled with a variety of delicious stuffings. As common as asado, pizza, pasta, or alfajores, empanadas are a mainstay in the Argentine diet.

About Us

Spokane has waited long enough to taste Argentinian empanadas. A family of four Argentinian-Americans are bringing this new flavor to town!

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